A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Comfrey, a queen amongst weeds.

According to garden manuals, a comfrey bed must be well prepared with good garden loam, plenty of water and sunlight and all of the ons and ons that every other plant article recommends. What they don't ordinarily tell you is that comfrey is a weed. It grows where it wants, along rocky roadsides, along creek beds, in the corners of parking lots, pretty much anywhere it can gain a foothold.
The reason that I adore this regal plant is because of its many uses.

The plant itself isn't that much to look at. It's not showy and over the top with its blooms. Most people don't even like to touch it because it has prickly hairs all over it and can cause skin inflamation by merely brushing against it.

Why then would  go to the trouble of finding just the perfect location for this plant in every garden I've planted? Because it's a miracle plant!

In years past, when people utilized the plants around them, this plant was held in very high esteem. The Romans used it to heal wounds. Whole leaves can be wrapped around deep, suppurating wounds and it will mend the skin, reduce inflammation, works as an antiseptic and helps to eliminate scars. What's not to love?

If that weren't enough for one plant, you can add bruises, sprains and burns and even compound fractures to its list of healing powers. One of its most common names is "bone knit" the black tuberous roots contain a jelly-like liquid that has the power to knit bones back together! Amazing, it's just like glue!

If you aren't into wound care, this plant may still have a place in your garden. It turns out that due to its fleshy nature, it breaks down into a gelatinous goo quite easily. Simply tear or clip the leaves and place in a bucket of water with a lid. Stir twice in a week and what you have by the second week is a gooey brown, smelly fermenting mess...

This simple process of fermentation renders this plant into a very good fertilizer for all plants. What's more, it actually seems to like being cut time and time again and grows back vigorously with each cutting.