A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Vacation

 If I could have summer vacation as a kid again,

    I'd sleep 'til noon the whole first week and wake to stand in front of the TV and eat ice cream right out of the box until I had a whopping ice cream headache.
     I'd  lay under a tree with a good book in my lap and watch the clouds float lazily by and watch red heatwaves behind my closed eyelids.
    If I were nine again, I'd spend the whole summer barefoot with a fishing pole in my hand.
    I'd spend the entire afternoon chasing lizards and bull frogs and see how dirty I could get the seat of my pants by sliding down a clay covered bank just once more...
    I'd catch June bugs and tie a string to them and spin them crazily above my head and listen to the buzzing noise they made with sheer delight.
    I'd spend the twilight catching lightnin' bugs in an old ball jar and take them in the house with me to let them go so that I could watch them make yellow dots all over the ceiling.
    I'd build a fort in the back yard and come inside only long enough to hear my mother yell at me not to let the screen door slam as I grabbed another rootbeer popsicle out of the fridge...
    Ah to be a kid again, the timeless summer months that never seemed to end.

    Could I,  please? Just once more...

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