A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Have you heard the News??

Have you heard the news??

Everyone is talking about it

The sun is shining

Things are beginning to burst into bloom!

Green things are popping up all over

Unfurling new leaves

and filling in slowly

Poppy buds wave their heads

And burst open one by one

Sparkling in the sunlight

Color begins to show where a week ago there was only green

Yesterday this was a bathtub filled with last years apple leaves
 and a bunch of mosquito larvae!

I am quite happy with the result

Loving the purples in the garden this year!

and all the greens

This is my buddy, she sings for me whenever I am out of sight.
While her name is George, but I call her Peep most of the time.

This George REALLY likes the camera!

Since our turkeys are destined for the freezer,
I've marked Peep with a special bracelet,
so my family can tell the difference between PET and FOOD!

They've really taken a liking to this free range idea,
they stay close enough so as not to worry us
but are foraging the areas behind our fence line,
right where we want them when the grasshoppers make their appearance!

The chickens are still petite in comparison
but coming along nicely!

This is one of the Toms, just look at that baggy old neck!

Clustering around the back fence
wishing I'd let them in the garden!

Hanging out
soaking up the sun!

The chicks prefer to stay a little closer to home

Still a couple of months away from egg laying age

Icky the cat pretends to pay them no mind

Next back breaking project!

My faithful companion, Dinky Doc!

Even Icky remembers to stop and smell the flowers!

Next project, Shade Garden!

A place to sit and ponder

And enjoy the sunlight and shadow

And enjoy the views!

Awaiting the beauty to come

The good food the soil provides

The colors of spring all around

The animals in my garden

Even when they lay on the corn...

Happy Gardening!

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