A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Quiet, Warm Days of August

I love flowers. It seems to matter not, the color, scent or size!

 I like the cheery purple annuals

 The dainty, spicy Cilantro blossoms

 Clarkia in all his showy splendor

 His blossoms remind me of the Crepe myrtle tree we had when I was growing up

 Cheerful Marigold scattered here and there
This is one of my Dad's favorites, Ajuga!

I hope these grapes mature before the snow comes!

Forlorn little whiskey barrel devoid of fishies... Dang raccoons!

Sleeping kitty in the shade

Crazy cone head taking on another wild shape.

The ants seem to be protecting it from the grasshoppers!

A peek at the mountain

 and a peek at my buddy

 Anyone ready for some Digitalis seed?

 Sweet Potato vine, taking it sweet, ever lovin' time!

Don't forget to appreciate the simple things, like single showy roses

  and stately trees...

 And good garden soil,

 Pretty Hostas

 Wild and unruly Wisteria


 And say a thankful prayer for the bumblebees!

Happy Gardening,
See you next time!

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