A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Monday, August 1, 2011


La La.. Monday, Monday,
(I don't know all of the words but it doesn't matter much!)
4&20 Black Birds Music Festival with 50 live bands and dozens of stage performers was this weekend!
I'll have plenty of tunes to hum to the flowers for weeks to come!
Exhausted by all the fun! Pyrate Technics had two shows this weekend. 
A Glow Show during the day and a Fire Show to close out the festival.
It was tons of fun. 
We also had company for the weekend besides our fire performers,
so it was a house-load! 
I don't spin fire, I'm just the Mommy. 
In order to keep my sanity and support my kids at the same time,
I've become their fire safety. 
I stand center stage with a bucket of water and a wet towel and pray,
to all the saints that be, 
that they don't make me use it!
Daddy does crowd control. It works out well for us.
Do you know what your 20-something kids are up to every night?
It's exhausting keeping up with them at times,
and scary alot of the times
but no one can say that we aren't involved!

Here are a few shots from the Glow Show. 
This was a good warm up for the night's show but dang, it was hot in there! 
I pushed water on everyone until they were seriously tired of me.

Angelica and Matthew dance back to back

Robyn has a ball with the stage makeup!

Josh can always be found spinning something!

Eddie perfects his technique with the floating staff
Good form Erinn!

Loving the smiles Whitney!

All together now Ladies!

Tiffany dances 'til her skirts fall off!

Our Master of Ceremonies attempts to cook himself in a heavy Pirate Coat!

Josh and Robyn dance beautifully side by side

Shamus T. Cannon,
Our Master of Ceremonies

Matthew, bathed in Glow Lights

Johnny spins the Devil Sticks
Lovely to watch, one and all.
They have so much fun entertaining others!

This is my son, Joshua.
If this performance doesn't give you pause, nothing will!

Joshua and Angelica dance a fiery duet
One of my personal favorite dances

Robyn, captivating in the firelight
The fire may dim from time to time,
but that smile never does!

Really? You have to eat it, Josh?

Josh dances so fast he's a blur!

And pauses to toss his staff 15 feet in the air and admire the flames,
the crowd goes wild!

The lovely Cera, enchants us with a slow, interpretive dance, beautiful!

Angelica balances a bowl of fire on her head, the crowd is in awe...
Erinn captivates the audience with her sword

Matthew lights the ground on fire and dances within his own fire circle,
making everyone in the audience moan with delight

Robyn twirls the fire fans and amazes children and adults alike
And then blows us all away, by dancing with a flaming sword on her head

Fire Poi caught just so.

Thank you Jonathan Parsons, as always, 
for your photographic talents and generosity with our crew!
The pictures could go on and on. There are so many to choose from!

The Fetching Whitney, dances center stage
Beautiful moment!

And Josh blows away the audience
with a giant breath of fire!
Parents can be heard in the audience threatening their children with,
"Don't you EVER!"

Matthew Josh and Eddie,
Our fire breathing dragons, amaze and delight!
Josh and Matthew duel with fire!

Perfect shot of Eddie,
Doing what he loves best!

Josh to the left and me to the right,
(holding a wet towel, just in case!)

As you can see, the flowers in my garden have a tough group of competitors for my attention.
Weekly, on Tuesdays our home is filled with the sounds of people readying for upcoming shows, discussing safety issues, practicing spinning this staff or that set of fans or Poi. Tuesday nights, our driveway is alight with fire and song,
as practice is about 90% of becoming an expert at the craft.

It's an exciting life being Pyrate Mama.

Today however, is Monday. Peace and quiet.
There is time to wander the garden and drag the hose around.
It's fertilizer day.
A time to put on my mad Gardening Pyrate hat and prepare my special brew.
There is time to notice the tiny things,
like the tree frog that needed to be rescued from the hot tub this morning!
And the baby toad in the wood pile. Yay!
(You are so needed and wanted here little guy!)

I collected seeds this weekend during all of this madness,
of Gypsophilia, Larkspur and California Poppy.
Had a wild experience with the poppies. One I never expected.
I had an envelope to catch the seeds in and was using scissors to snip the dried seed pods from the plant.
As soon as I snipped they'd burst, so I angled my hand down to direct the seeds into the envelope, and POP!
Another seed pod burst, casting the seeds directly into my ear!
Let the hilarity ensue as I do a jig across the yard ...

No pictures for this one, as I am your garden photographer,
You'll just have to imagine!

This Fiery Orb seems to fit right in!

Ta Ta For Now.
May your gardens grow lovely and bright!

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