A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Friday, March 16, 2012

Cabin Fever

Sometimes you just have to forgive yourself and move on. It can be a liberating experience. I myself, am a gardening addict. I tried the other day to go for an hour without uttering a single sentence about gardening and found that I could do it, simply by keeping my mouth shut but keeping the voices in my head quiet, was another thing entirely. I kept myself busy with inside chores like dishes and laundry but both of those things occur in my kitchen.
Where the walls look like this!

The voices all seem to chime in and wait, (impatiently) and worry, (obsessively) and wonder, (constantly) whether or not we'll have a long enough, mild enough growing season, or if we will be infested by grasshoppers again or rather or not we'll have snow in June!


This has been a really long winter, we really haven't had that much snow but I'm beginning to feel like the 'pause' button is stuck. Living high in the mountains as we do, the growing season is short anyway and so, leaning toward my optimistic side, I decided to put that to my advantage this year and have spent the cold months reading anything I could find on perma-culture, gardening, seed swapping, seed preservation and animal husbandry. I am very excited at the prospect of raising turkeys this season. I even have a due date! Our local (ish) Pellet Mill will have turkeys in on April 20th. I haven't yet found out store hours but you can bet I won't miss the date! This is a long anticipated venture that we hope to use as a secret weapon against marauding grasshoppers.

Know your enemy

This time of year is dedicated to staring out the window alot and making huge plans of how to make my gardens bigger, better, more productive.

Seedlings are popping up all over while we eagerly await warmer weather

We've given up moving very much in the kitchen as all possible space is filled with scenes like this one.
And spend down time converting things into bird feeders, like this one.

And this one
And that one.
Only a few more days til the official declaration of spring!
I sure hope old momma nature is listening, 
cause I sure am ready!

Happy Gardening!

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