A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I'm as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs today. Just keep telling myself it'll be fine... and it will! Augustus, our new heritage bourbon red, teenage turkey, is out with the girls for the first time after his 48 hour stay locked in the coop. He was in a separate enclosure within the coop so the rest of them couldn't pick on him but today it's free reign, AND he can fly... All 4 girl turkeys are busily shoving him around from place to place and even a few of the chickens have gotten in on the action. Everybody has to peck at or shove the new guy. They won't let him eat, drink or rest. Pecking order, what fun...

In other news, the peeps are growing rapidly and starting to show the colors they will be as adults. Nothing guaranteed of course, but there are two that appear to be males. Out of 5? That's a pretty nice little flock :) I'll post some new pics of them soon.

Roody, our new rooster, is enjoying not being the new kid on the block. He's learning to crow and to woo the ladies and doing quite nicely.

My attempt at egg incubation has flopped once again. They are now buried under the bamboo. Rest in peace little eggies. This was attempt #5. LOL Crud. Well, if at first you don't succeed, wait out the winter and try again next spring??~

The wood is almost all in for winter, and not a moment too soon. (We rely 100% on woodstove heat)
It feels rather chilly. Mount Shasta is beginning to get her blanket of white and the colors on our little homestead are lovely. We are getting a true fall this year with several frosts, a smattering of snow and then long stretches of cool, windy days.

I think all of us are proud of our successful harvests this year. Of course there were several complete flops too. We are learning so much and are feeling a bit more confident each day in how to do this whole farm thing.
Taint easy McGee! But that's okay.
I'm in better shape at forty eight than I was at thirty, happier too I think because I'm more content knowing what I'm capable of. Times are concerning, with the economical crisis, the anger and frustration I have seen in so many. My hope is that we can find a way to soften things. The world has become a much harsher place, or it seems so to me anyway. If we all remind each other of what life could be, maybe even used to be, back when we used sustainable means to feed ourselves, perhaps we can instill a hope and longing for a gentler, more cooperative country, one that pulls together and helps each other. That's my hope anyway, all through sharing what we have learned. The successes as well as the failures.

I had a conversation with my mom this weekend that I've pondered over ever since. She's retiring Thursday.
She's not what anyone would ever call spend-thrifty. I suggested to her that maybe now would be a good time to lay in a few dry goods. She hates this subject and cut me off by saying, "I'm an optimist, always have been, always will be. I refuse to change."
Alrighty then, I can relate, I know her well and she simply isn't going to budge on this one. She will survive on peanut butter, Dad will cook potatoes and they will be FINE.

Myself, I look at the world a bit differently, one foot in the past and one in the future, trying to learn from mistakes made (by myself as well as others) and attempting to enjoy the now while fully being aware that I have to plan for whatever may come. Motherhood has taught me that it's not practical to just say it'll be fine, you also have to plan for the eventuality that it might be rough going without a little bit of planning and since a mother's goal is to make absolutely certain that it WILL be fine, I guess I get to set aside even more in the eventuality that my parents may need help just around the corner.

Luckily for me, my kids are a tad odd. Always have been. I'm proud to say they get that from me. David isn't odd. Nope not ever. He's an angel, just ask his Momma.
We've always enjoyed reading and learning about history and knowing the 'how' of things. Long before they discovered pirate reenactment, hobbies like fishing and hiking and growing your own food were a part of their every day lives. Some of my favorite pictures of my children include chickens, fish, deer, crawdads and so on, all with my children cuddling them.

They have branched out and learned things like how to safely forage mushrooms and wild herbs from the forest, through their love of everything pirate, they have been involved in events that include 17th century tool making, clothes making, weaponry, cooking over an open fire, smoking meats and so on. Everything you could imagine that could truly come in handy here in our ever growing peepville.

Thank you wacky family. My lovely clan, for jumping into this venture with us. It seems to have a huge learning curve, doesn't it?! LOL ♥ Peace and good blessings everyone!

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