A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Friday, January 11, 2013

2012 A Re-cap in Pictures

The ever-curious Sheilah

Phyllis in her striped suit

Henny catches some rays

Thomas, a most delicious bird!

Roody Blue, our handsome roo!

Size comparison!

Sweet Blessings!

Making ready

Music to till by!

Ricky's hungry!
Somebody feed the boy before he chokes on an action figure!


Ahh yes, a gardener's hopes and dreams...

First blossoms

It really is!

Ready for growth!

Sweet chard!


Oh no! More snow!


Baby Sheilah

The Greenman

Love in a watering can

Double trouble!

A cool place to reflect


The sweetest of fragrances


Summer sunlight

Glowing beauty


At rest

A riot of color

Not Oregano

Framed spring beauty

Brilliant Sunshine, how I worship thee!


Unfurling beauty

Summer's first flavor

Seeking shade

Vivid color

The beauty of vegetables

Salad bowl colors!


Ode to thee, summer sunshine!

Crisp and ready!



Crimson glow

Shades of summer

Pyrates Play

And Play!

Cilantro blooms!

Square Squash!

Festive and rather spoiled Sheilah!

Dinky rolls!

Deep greens of summer squash

Kushy Bear!

Summer sunlight

Crawly thing!


Pretty Girl!

Beautiful Borage

Siren Song

The path that leads to Nowhere

On either end...

Summer's Bounty

A coming frost...

Ever Curious~

Gus and his ladies!

Peace and Happy New Year!

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