A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Friday, September 2, 2011

September Harvest

September is just beginning.

Awaiting new fishies

Bountiful Sunflowers

Beginning to harvest
This variety is "Mammoth Grey Stripe"
These are good roasting sunflowers.
The ones my son has long anticipated!
Listening to the bees buzz

Each variety has its own special sweet scent

The birds are now taking special interest,
they check the seed heads daily!

Mount Shasta looms in the distance

Some of these are 15 feet tall!

Basking in the summer sun

Their centers sparkle in the sun

These giants are Lemon Queen. 

The birds seem to be anticipating this variety.

Their scent is honey sweet

The bees love them too!

Old fashioned vining petunia comes back each year.

She's not nearly as showy as some of the hybrid varieties but her scent is heavenly!

This is my "oops" area. I spilled birdseed all over the patio. 

As a quick fix, I swept it into the flower bed and watered it in.

This bunch sits near the front door and conveniently near the hot tub.
Their tall nodding heads are lovely and an unexpected pretty view from my favorite relaxing space.

See you soon!
Happy Gardening!

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