A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Bounty of the Season

Summer was lovely.
I will miss the heat and the deep greens, vibrant colors and the ease of summer. 
Autumn has its high points too though
and I appreciate the changes that this season brings.

Calling all birdies, the seed bar is officially open!

Carrots and Digitalis have seen better days
but there is plenty and more as far as seed goes...

Sunflowers too, now falling over with their own weight

But it's still warm and for that, I am thankful!

Everywhere you look you can see evidence of seasons past. 
Leaves are changing color, sunflowers are drying up and although it's not the prettiest time of the year for these particular blooms, 
their bounty even in harsh conditions, is large. 
I am happy to be able to provide so many sunflower seeds for the birds. 
There should be plenty for those that never leave the area in winter time. 
That makes me feel good!

Sugar snap peas past their prime.
They were delicious and bountiful.
We will definitely be planting more of these.
Apparently they don't rank amongst the favorites with the grasshoppers.
That's just fine with me!

Cilantro is also going to seed.
Grasshoppers don't seem to like it either and we do.

Stuff is dying back all over.
This broccoli didn't stand a chance against the grasshoppers this year.
Next year, I hope to have turkeys to eat the grasshoppers!
The grasshoppers ate their fill of the foods that I had intended to provide for my family 
but the birds won't go hungry this winter.
I have new strategies that I want to try next spring and so there's that. 
Each year brings on hope of the bounty of the seasons to come. 
Gardens build more than beauty, they also provide good exercise, 
hope for future gardens in the form of seed, 
they attract wildlife to your gardens and so much more.

This is Miss Icky

Succulent seed

Black oil sunflowers, for the birds!

A few still in bloom

Rosa Rugosa with vitamin C rich rosehips!

Sweet Williams way past their prime. I look forward to next year's blossoms!

Holly hock in pure white

The ugly end of Miss Holly!

This is a lovely friend. Sweet vining Petunia. She has a strong, sweet scent

Her blossoms change from white to pink in the sun.

Sedum Autumn Joy

The fish ponds still await new fish

Well, I guess the raccoons needed the fish more than I did!

Filling all of the coffers!

For Uncle Jeff, we love and miss you always.

Baby Maple Tree grows strong and healthy

Shiloh's dog house stands empty. She's inside, asleep in my bed!





Dinky Doc Brown

I love the tiny shamrock blossoms hidden beneath the leaves

A treasured gift from my son

Shiloh's treasures

I love the color changes of these plums as they mature

And the lichens that cling to her bark

This is Miss Friskers checking out the catch of the day

Kushy brings me gifts almost every day

Today it was this lovely baby gopher snake

I found him a hiding place amongst the Taro

Thanks Mister Kushman! Love you buddy!

Loving life!
Wishing you a wonderful Autumn. Enjoy the season and as always,

Happy Gardening!

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