A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Glimpse of Sun

                                           Is that sunlight I see?
                                           Grab your coffee and come walk a while with me.

Succulents are wonderful. They sit there patiently waiting for me to pull a couple of weeds and require nothing else.

The Comfrey is looking good.

Mornin' fishies!


Stems sturdy and strong

Perky Dahlia


Poppy buds

Mt. Shasta mixing up a storm

If you're looking for the butter knives they're over here!

Love this bucket


Poppin up all over!

Looking forward to watching these guys grow!

Tiny cabbage. Can't hardly see them for the glare but who am I to gripe about sunshine?

Guarding her greenhouse

Should have many many foxglove blooms this year

A different view

Beautiful color

Columbine coming up. Aren't the water droplets pretty?

What's lurking about?

Foxglove row


Leaving the rest of the carrots to go to seed so there will be plenty for next year

A seat under the old apple tree


Yellow Asiatic Lily

Glowing brightly

Eating greens is a special treat

They make long ears and great big feet

But they sure are awful stuff to eat!

Pretty Purple

Glowing and bright

A place for the birds

Animals on watch

Darling little sprouts popping up everywhere

Thank you Angelica for ripping chamomile out of your garden and bringing it to me bare root... it didn't even wilt!

Tiny airplane crashed next to the pond

I broke a piece off of a variegated plant while in Reno in 2001 and stuck it in my pocket and have it all over the place now.

Miniature rose starting to bud. She's all of 4 inches high!

Yellow Onion

A place in the sun

 A chance to dream

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