A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Monday, July 23, 2012

A new perspective...

One for you and one for me, 
one for the little hummer living in the tree.
Three for the hopper,
two for the crow, 
that's how our tangled garden grows...

There aren't a lot of bees this year but we treasure every one!

Color everywhere!

A comfy place to sit

Treasuring every minute of this brilliant sunshine!

4-headed sunflower!

Look Maddie! Another color!

This one has so many heads it has turned in on itself!

Hi Kushy,
I love you too buddy!

Chick peas going crazy!


David's Chick Peas

Aud's Squash

Lots of Aud's baby squash!

Sandy's fennel!

Jelly and Ron's Popcorn


James's Tobacco

Hi Kushy,
yes, I see you buddy!

Radishes going to bloom

Martha Washington Asparagus

Watermelon behind Kush

Growing in the pathways

I love how everything finds a way.
I planted this broccoli many months ago and nothing...
now it has come up under the corn, where it has plenty of shade.

Carrots and squash

Tiny artichoke

I love these honey locust trees

Our giant elderly apple tree greets us as we come up the drive

The sedums seem to have overwhelmed the hens and chicks!

I love this round rock!

Hello yet again Kushy Bear!

Some of the weeds are just too pretty to pull up!


This branch is a tad low...

He's everywhere I am today!

I do love an ambitious plant! This is the dragon.
Once upon a time in a garden of long ago,
this dragon climbed a fence, an arbor and a chicken coop in 100 degree weather.
He was massive and glorious.
And then one evening the gardeners started a chain saw!
They chopped him back to just a stump and crammed him in a pot.
He survived for a year like that in a very rainy, gray environment
They moved again to a place where it snows!
10 years later, the dragon lives to tell his tales
and the gardener whispers to him of his glory days when he climbed the walls of her former garden.
He remembers it seems, and plans to take over this two story house
and eat anyone who comes near him with a chain saw ever again!

Baby flax

Liatris, we eagerly await your very first blooms!

A perfect reason not to cut the grass...

How can you resist? Instead of petting that sweaty belly,
I tried something else and got down on his level.

The views are different from down here!

The world seems a much bigger place

Dink must think we live in a jungle!

Look Ellie! New shoots on your bamboo!!!


I love the bitty views!

Ta ta for now...

Peace and Happy Gardening!

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