A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Monday, July 16, 2012

Making wire thingys

Here's a wire thingy.
The idea is to make several of these to put in the garden between the rows of veggies
and put chickens in them to eat grasshoppers.
I tried just putting chickens loose in the garden but,
they dug holes under the plants and went to sleep.
NOT quite what I was looking for!

This is Magoo. I think he is a she.
Either way, it fell in a post hole I was digging when the dog ran by.
It's been laying around waiting for its bum leg to heal.

Chickies in action!

Boy, I hope this works. The grasshoppers are getting bigger!

Get 'em babies!

Gobble up those bugs!

I wanted 6 of these wire thingys but so far have made just two.
So far they are working well though!

Popcorn is doing quite well.

So is the cilantro!

Squash and melons are taking off!

Chick peas are nearly ready!

Sunflowers are just beginning to bloom.

Chickies are growing!

Roosting and a poopin, doing what chickies do.
We should have eggs in another month or so!

Things are blooming all over!

I love the volunteers, this one prevents me from edging the grass.
I'm ok with that!

Lettuces in an array of shades!

BBQ full of color!


Peace and Happy Gardening,
as always!!

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