A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Monday, July 2, 2012

Yay for the new camera cord!

It's been a busy couple of weeks.
This bonehead, decided to take on our biggest tom turkey.
When I found him, his cheek was torn open.
I squirted peroxide in it and waited for it to dry then super glued it shut.
Worked like a charm.

We have 8 Auburn Heritage turkey eggs in a home made incubator in the closet.
Here's hoping we end up with a few babies by the end of the month.

Never a dull moment.
I refurbished an old shed into a new 'peepville' for these guys
and as I was digging post holes,
doofus here, fell in one of the holes.
He's been limping around, unable to walk well.
Poor baby.
Here he is in the bathtub soaking his legs in epsom salts.

Today, my dear friend Ellie,
surprised me with super neat gifts!
A pressure cooker,
a huge hunk of bamboo and
these two scurvy pirates!
Aren't they cute?
I'm humbled.
The pressure cooker is something that will benefit my entire family hugely.
Thanks so much Ellie!

Here's doofus in the 'infirmary' while his leg heals.
Don't feel too terribly sorry for him,
he only stays in here while I can't be right with him.
This afternoon he lounged around on the back porch with me,
eating strawberries from my hand
and drinking ice water out of a tupperware cup!

Here are the rest of the gang.

New digs.
This will do well to keep them cool in summer and warm-ish in winter.
Weed. Ca. isn't exactly warm, come winter time!


Little brick path

That toodles all over the place.

I've never taken a picture from over here before!

Torch lily

Baby lettuces

Tiny tomato plants

Every year since I've known her,
my friend Jackie,
gives me a handful of her momma's sweet pea seeds,
until this year I've had no luck getting them to grow.
We have sprouts, Jackie!!!

Grapevine growing happily

The Cap'n watches over all.


As always,
Happy Gardening!

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