A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Friday, July 8, 2011

Beyond the Fence part Two!

Miracles are funny things. You just never know when they will happen upon you. You have to be right ready and willing to accept, when one of these windfalls happen your way.
You see, I've a bunch of teenagers and getting teenagers to do gardening work, well to be honest, I don't generally bother even asking. Yesterday however, I had help and not only that, I had smiling, willing, capable help! 

Anyway, I ran to grab my camera and capture the evidence to share with all of you who may have possibly given up hope for miracles.
Toiling away in the sun

Takes a while to turn over 300 square feet of weeds!

Here's the miracle part, they're smiling and discussing FOOD CROPS!

Little green tree frog hanging out with the Silver Surfer by the pond
Watering it in. The boys haven't complained but as for me, my everything hurts and I'm all excited for the next step, putting in the fence posts!

New colors amongst the foxglove. I kind of like the butter cream and pinks!

Dink says get that black box out of my face Mother!

Sorry, can't help myself. That's pretty enough to eat!

I'm using carrots like ferns as a filler amidst the digitalis this year. 
Parting thought. I've been giving alot of thought to reincarnation lately. The other day I was thinking that maybe it would be a neat experience to come back as a butterfly so I could fly crazily and sip the flowers but I'm thinking that it's far more likely that I'd come back as a plant. Carrot? Bindweed? Milk Thistle?
Whatever the case, I hope I get a spot in the sunshine!

Happy Gardening Ya'll!

I'll be back over the weekend to show you something a bit different. My children are entertainers. They dance in a fire dancing troop called Pyrate Technics . Summer is a busy time as they perform most weekends. Last weekend was the 4th of July and they put on a fire dance and fire breathing show before and after the fireworks show out at Lake Siskiyou. This weekend Weed California puts on its annual Carnivale festival here. The kids are working both nights so stay tuned for some beautiful night shots of fire and dance. I'll be standing on the sidelines holding a wet towel and a first aid kit as I'm fire safety for the crew. Hey, a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do to support her children!

You spend all of your time while they are little teaching them that fire is hot. You tell them of all of the dangers and worry over them hurting themselves and they grow up to do their own thing anyway.
Mine make their pay by spinning in circles with fire fans, staff, poi and fire breathing... scares me quite silly but they are amazing to watch! Stay tuned for an update.

 Here sister, let me set your head bowl aflame!

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