A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Monday, July 11, 2011

New notches in my Mommy belt!

Well, we all get them, one by one as parents. First steps, teaching your child to ride a bike and all sorts of others, but how many of them can say that this weekend they put their son's best friend's hair out while he was on fire? Goodness! For those of you that missed the last post, my children belong to a fire dance troop called Pyrate Technics. My husband David and I are involved too, me as fire safety and my husband as crowd control. I didn't intend to tell this story here... I'm not sure I have the words to express how it made me feel but Eddie Ripley, (22) one of our performers, a child of my heart if not my blood. His hair c...aught fire right between the eyes Saturday night while performing. As fire safety, I swooped in, bopped him in the face with a wet towel, put him out and exited the stage as quickly as possible. He's in good shape and I have promised him a hair cut this week at fire practice. No burns, no injuries but I may never get the image of his eyes with blue flames just above them out of my head! I told him he's far to pretty to be burned. I've given him his one, he gets no more chances! Accident or not it scared me silly. Poor baby told me afterward that he was sorry. Sorry he caught fire, sheesh! I love ya Eddie, but don't you ever do that again!
We have no footage of that but we have plenty of other hair raising shots for you to enjoy. All in all, it was a fabulous 2 nights of fun filled performances and considering that no one was injured, we're pretty pleased. New policies will arise because of this little mishap even if he was following all of the insurance guidelines, two inches of hair on your forehead is still too much in my opinion. Eddie agrees with me. Safety head coverings regardless of length of hair. Anyway, as they say, On with the show...

Left to right our Master of Ceremonies, Ron Montemaro, Performers, Eddie Ripley, Matthew James and Josh Case

Angelica Case

Lovely shot!

Performer Robyn Vandiver, Helpers, Tiffany Case and Nathaniel Carnes

Josh Case, Fire Breather

Josh And Angelica Duet with Fire Staff, Palm Torches and Fire Bowl

Josh, Robyn and Eddie

Josh kicking Fire Staff

The entire Pyrate Crew

Josh and Angelica Duet

Fire Breathers Eddie, Josh and Matthew

Dueling Duet, Josh and Matthew

Puddles of Fire, Josh Case

Lovely Ladies of Pyrate Technics

Great Balls of Fire

Selling Merchandise before the show

Guerrilla Burn

Johnny Case on Devil Sticks (My youngest)

And now for something more restful. Today was fertilizer day. I stayed outside with my plants almost all day. Nice and quiet. Just what I needed after this wild weekend. Hope yours was happy too. Tomorrow is Fire Practice and a pot luck dinner so that we can discuss the next upcoming show and practice. Hope you enjoyed the pics. Until next time, stay safe and as always, Happy Gardening!

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