A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Does anyone fancy a seed exchange?

All year long, whether it's outside toiling on my knees or indoors watching it snow, I'm busy planning future flowers I'd love to invite into my garden. How about you? There's nothing quite like sharing your garden treasures with another gardener! Naturally, I won't know until fall what seeds I'll have to share but there are always more than enough to share with gardening friends. Will you be my new gardening neighbor and pen pal? I'll happily share live plants too. Depending on where you are in the world, some places allow live plants via mail. I'm on good terms with my postal worker! Keep that in mind as you stroll through my garden. See anything you like? Maybe you have something that would tuck in nicely amongst my plants? Have a look around, pull up a chair and stay a while. We're a friendly lot and love to share!

My friendship garden, I thought pinks, whites and reds here.
Mother Nature thought otherwise and gave me pink and orange!

Lovely pink wildflower, anyone know the name?



Floating roses on the pond

I love the crinkly shiny look of new grape leaves!

And the little odd sights in my garden. Silver Surfer sunning himself behind the Watercress, protected by Lindsay the elephant.

Sometimes it's the little things that enamor you to a garden area.

Like the play of light and shadow on baby leaves

Or the glow of sunlight on a pretty bloom

Or the plants that people say will never grow in a particular spot

Never forget to dream!

And enjoy the little things

So filled with tomorrow's potential

And enjoy things just as they are

My garden delights me every day

I love to make goofy things for my garden!

And let things play against each other

And just see what comes up

Every year new challenges

And happy surprises when things that looked dismal at the start begin to find their own way

Vinca Major has lived with me for 16 years now. We understand one another!

This darling bee had so much patience with me. I chased him from one blossom to another all morning as he went buzzing merrily along!

I've waited for two years to see this particular show. Carrots have darling blossoms!

Snowy white foxgloves stealing today's show!

Fluttering beauty

Like flowers with wings!

And larger winged beasts circling overhead...

Lichens on my sometimes bird feeder. Other times it's a cat perch!

I'm soaking in all of this 93 degree heat that I can

And relishing the clear blue skies

The iridescence of the blooms

And all of Nature's little marvels

                                                         Happy Gardening, one and all!

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