A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pests in the Garden!

You work, you plan, you strive, 
You do, you do, you do. 
And then what happens?

You spill the bird seed, sweep and these grow where you planted mini roses!

Sunflower plants everywhere!

There's Purple Liatris in there too which I was really looking forward to this year.

Tried my hand at Topiary and pretty well massacred my 10 year old Boxwood!
That seriously doesn't look like a bird! Maybe the two pretend ones nearby will make it get the idea...

This doesn't look like a bird either.

Not dead, just sunbathing.

I suspect a cat.

Garden fail.
 Daughter's friend left me 8 bald tires. Lovely...
So I piled dirt over them and made this eyesore. Go me...

The weeds appreciate my efforts

The grasshoppers too, apparently.
I waited a year for a seedhead. Thanks grasshoppers.

Shasta Daisies look like they had a rough night!

Holy Coleus Batman! What's the deal?

Even the Digitalis?
I hope you have kidney failure you rotten bugs!

Well that's great. No Balsam this year.

The succulents are guarded by Bumble Bees.
Safe and sound.
Interesting perspective
I see a tree through this hole
And sunshine through these.

If I was attempting to grow swiss cheese it would all be fine.

I see you, you nasty little Devil!

Yes, I'm talking to you, ya little creep!

And you, lurking there in the shade!

They've left the snap peas alone! Yay!

This is my kinda critter. Get to close I'll sting ya, otherwise we're good.

Party in the Carrots til the house falls down? Dangit! I need those seeds!

I see you too you nasty grasshopper!
If I could train horseflies to bite grasshoppers...

Conferencing over what to eat next...

Makin holes in the Hollyhocks

And the Lily buds too

Won't even leave the seed heads alone

That's a Petunia but not a Petunia Blossom!

Maybe one Strawberry!? Oh, I hope!

Sedum Autumn Joy, getting ready to do her Broccoli impersonation!

Oh Kitty, No!
And we find her here, after a long night's work, sleeping it off!

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