A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gardening beyond the fence?

As always, I find myself looking out over the barbed wire fence at the mountain. For whatever reason, today I saw it with new eyes! That's a vegetable garden in the making if ever I saw one!

There's even a hose bib just to the other side of that fence!

This L shaped area will make a fine start. I already have fence posts, concrete and  I think enough fence boards to make a split rail fence to sort of match the one that's already here.This gate closes off the driveway from the rest of the property. It's been left open for so long that the weeds have grown up around it holding it in place. Now when it's open it will serve as the gate to the vegetable garden, rendering the vegetable garden closed. When the veggie garden is open, the gate will be closed... that doesn't make alot of sense I guess but what I mean is one gate serves double duty!

Now I've placed a board at the other end so that you can envision where the other corner post will be. Since it's already July, we are thinking of this as a new place for vegetables next spring. In the mean time, we've a deer fence to build, all of  these weeds to clear and alot of amending to do. Trevor, my daughter's boyfriend was out there earlier today with that big wooden table top, dropping it repeatedly on the waist high weeds to smash them down so that we could see what we had to work with. Hey, it worked! I do not own a rototiller, my pick axe hasn't been used since I blew out my shoulder in '97, so I'm thinking... Maybe we could literally layer this bed into submission... hubby owns a computer business, so I've got cardboard coming out my ears. Would it work to smash the weeds down, cover it in layers of cardboard and then layers of leaves, grass and compost? I'm looking at snow covering it for 6 months probably before we begin planting there. I've done all of this on a small scale before but never something of this size. The area is roughly 30 ft long by 10 ft wide. What do you think? If nothing else, it'll be a fenced area with an pretty view!
I'd love to hear your suggestions!
Until next time, I wish you abundant sunshine in your gardens like we've had here the last few days! I can't be the only gardener out in 100 degree heat and loving every minute of it!

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