A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Bye June

Our Weather this year has been very unpredictable. By this time last year we were harvesting vegetables to grace our dinner table with and I had filled dozens of vases with flowers. This year the veggies are barely ankle-high on the first of July and the foxgloves have blessed our table once. Here's to a LONG, hot July!
Want to sit in the early morning sun and share a cup of coffee?

Dinky is waiting for a cuddle

Something just buzzed by my ear, was that a humming bird?

Nope, just a bumblebee

Dink sighs, just sit down Momma

Snow is melting

The sun is so bright and pretty this morning

Shiloh is happy we're outside

Icky kitty, Queen of all she surveys

Wildflowers in the barbecue. What else are you supposed to do when people donate their broken things?

Almost got the shot... That's a hummer behind the Larkspur

Boy, she's tall! Ohh I see seed pods forming, excellent!

Monkey carcass anyone?

Tiny feathered friends

I love the look of this wild columbine that the birds brought here.

Kushy and Dink. Kushy is grateful that I found him locked in the shed again. He ain't all that bright...

Magical Mt. Shasta

Showy Foxglove

Tiny visitors
What's just perfect in your garden this morning?

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