A Garden Amongst The Weeds

A Garden Amongst The Weeds

Friday, July 15, 2011

Yay! Batteries for the camera!

I'm so dirty I shouldn't even be allowed in the  house! Early this morning David and I went out and put the remaining 5 posts in the holes and concreted them in. We were done with that by 11:30 a.m. How cool is that? Now at least I can quit worrying about a wobbly fence! I got all inspired and dug and raked and hung bird feeders and sunk my old rickety bench into the ground a ways to make it stable.
I admired pretty lichens and silvery boards and all sorts of stuff. Well here, you look and enjoy. 
I'm headed for the shower, followed by the hot tub!

Aren't these lichens pretty?

Poor old bench I rescued down at the creek

Oh this is gonna be a big garden

I had 5 fence posts and needed 7.
This beauty was one of my finds, it's nearly as big around as a telephone pole
and this hole looks like an instant planter to me!

I couldn't have done this part without the loving support and know how of my husband, David.
Thank you Darlin'!

Dink checks it out

Shiloh waits in the shade

There are all sorts of neat little odds and ends like this pretty little thing.

And this one that I took a picture of to ask what you think it might be!

Cool, they used a half a tree for this fence post years ago

Poles went up easily with the right help!

This is a close up of what the trunk of a baby honey locust tree  looks like.
Deer, don't eat me!
Pretty silvery wood

I love this one. You can see the teeth marks.
It was part of the old corral. Horses chewed on it for years!

Awesome gift from a friend, 40 lbs of aged bunny poo!

Shiloh helping

Blessings abound! I found 3 bricks in my digging and only a small handful of stones, none bigger than a fist. We live at the base of Mt. Shasta, an active volcano. Our soil is mostly volcanic ash. Black and rich, with very few rocks.

This is the view from that little bench

Shiloh likes it fine without fence boards!

This is a new view for me, I'm usually over there by the veggie garden looking this way.

This big old house sure holds alot of happy people

I love these skinny little bricks. I wonder what they were for?

A clean shovel is a happy shovel!

Oh goody, extra concrete what can I make?

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

I love aged wood!

Far prettier than the new stuff!

I'm going to cut all of this in half height wise and go all around the very bottom boards of the fence line with it to help keep bunnies and other small animals out.

I sunk the legs of the bench down in the ground a little, it's nice and stable now.

Raked again and again. Once watered the weeds are going to sprout like crazy!
This was a field two weeks ago!

Shiloh's contribution, a de-stuffed bear!

This picture is a warning to women, do not use this tool if you like your back!
It's a landscape rake and while it does a lovely job,
it's a bigger tool than any woman I've ever known could use comfortably.

Pretty pieces I've dragged near my area

New Pretties

Well ok, maybe not all that pretty but it'll do!

This I like though!

As soon as I stepped down from the bench after hanging these,
I had a humming bird visit!
And discovery! That neat little squiggly wire thingy I was wondering what was,
turned out to be an old fashioned hose holder and it swivels! This thing is super cool!

Last fence post for the spot by the tree! It was leaning up against the inner fence gathering beautiful lichens.
I re-discovered it while watering tonight just before dark.
Green lichens on this side.

Yellowy orange on the other!!
I ran inside and told David about it and he responded with, let's go see!
While "seeing", I dug a hole and voila! It's in! Concrete and everything!
He happily helped. He seems to be enjoying my enthusiasm.

Parting shot... Ready for what tomorrow brings!

Happy Gardening All!

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